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  1. kaci

    Why no album length?

    Based on the number of people watching this feature request, I think it would be useful for a lot of us. Could you please consider it? Thank you.
  2. kaci

    Why no album length?

    This would be a great feature, pretty please, implement it! It would be quite simple to calculate it from song lengths.
  3. Is there any chance to fix this by Max, or Sony has to do something?
  4. Make sure to enable "Android Lock Screen" under Poweramp / Settings / Lock Screen. Then go to Settings / HeadSet/Bluetooth, at the bottom of the page enable "Metachanged Intent". If this doesn't help, you can try some of the tweaks under "CyanogenMod Metachanged Intent" at the same settings page.
  5. Well, this is not an actual solution, hmmm? In an other thread I've read that disabling direct volume control under audio tweaks solves the problem, but in this case volume is decreased a lot, so it's not a real solution. Is there any chance to fix this or Sony has to do something?
  6. Same issue for me, I've reported at this topic. Only one note: as I run Android v4.4 on my device, and store mp3 files on SD card, Poweramp wasn't able to create .pamp files before because of KitKat's SD write restriction.
  7. Same (or similar?) issue at me. I can see album art on player screen, Poweramp lockscreen and widget, but can't see it at folder view. Bug effects only in-folder *.jpg album arts (I usually have in-folder cover.jpg files), embedded album arts are displayed properly everywhere. Same bug appears on two devices: - Asus TF300T tablet running Android v4.2 - Sony XPeria Z1 Compact phone running Android v4.4 This bug appeared with build 565.
  8. This change would be bad for me, but I have a compromise: what if implementing this change as an option: user should decide (somewhere in Settings) if in the second case music should or shouldn't start playing when headset connected.
  9. kaci

    Shuffle, but keep some tracks together

    This is great news, thank you very much.
  10. kaci

    Shuffle, but keep some tracks together

    This feature would be great for me also. Do you have any estimation when it will be included? Thank you.
  11. kaci

    Shuffle Folders

    Dear developers, it would be great to have an additional shuffle mode: "Shuffle Folders". Effect of this mode would be: - songs in a folder would be played in original sequence - after playing last song in the folder, next folder would be selected randomly Usually I listen to music in my car. I like to listen to albums as they are, keeping the original sequence of songs, but I would like to listen to randomly selected albums. In this case I wouldn't have to listen always "Bon Jovi" after "AC DC". :-) Thank you for your help. Regards, Kaci