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Poweramp on Bigger Displays

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The album art on the main player window occupies a large area of the screen on large displays. The album art could move to the top left side and get even bigger freeing a large space on the right side for a full list of tracks in an album. Even under the album art there could be the album artist, title, release year and genre.


At present, the album art is in the top center of the screen with the area surrounding its sides being completely vacant. This area could be used to add a lot of flavor to the aesthetics of the player. But care must be taken not to turn the player's main window into a Mumbai bazaar!


I have even created a graphical image to illustrate what I suggest it should look like but I can't attach files to this post.

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...Player UI screen on the left-hand half ... list on the right...


Since no one player is satisfactory for me, I use Poweramp along with several others. One called GoneMAD Music Player already has this split screen mode, for tablets or even for my little 3.77 oz. S4 Mini:



But my current preference is to use the XMultiWindow module for Xposed framework, so that I can open 2 players at once:


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