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  1. What is it that prevents you from rooting? Maybe there's a way around it. Meanwhile, you might get by if you can at least edit ID tags. Poweramp apparently will not queue songs with certain characters in the album, track title, etc. field. Try putting an A-E character in there or an accent'd character as in this post: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6374-some-songs-in-file-based-playlists-not-correctly-imported/
  2. Since no one player is satisfactory for me, I use Poweramp along with several others. One called GoneMAD Music Player already has this split screen mode, for tablets or even for my little 3.77 oz. S4 Mini: But my current preference is to use the XMultiWindow module for Xposed framework, so that I can open 2 players at once:
  3. Or, the really fun AlbumPlayer... It functions by dragging an album's artwork and dropping on the player, or into the queue list. Great for large touch screen. Has mobile device control app too. It's pricey, but there's a free version (with minor nag): http://www.albumplayer.com/
  4. FLAC is natively gapless. So is OGG. But I'm still happy about my choice of going with MP3s many years ago for many reasons, a couple of which are: (1) nice filesize for nice sound quality, and (2) lots of software available for trimming, ID tagging, sound enhancing, organizing, etc. However, in recent years, the playing field has become more level for the various music compression formats. We've got Neil Young, for example, pushing ultra high standards in something called Pono that uses FLAC.
  5. So true. You got me thinking outside the box of a needle on vinyl or sliderule radio dial; my seekbar is upside-down! By flipping it so the scale is above the slider, the needle point becomes essentially an extension of your fingertip, allowing very precise adjustment easily.
  6. By now, Andre, you probably already know that the built-in Aluminum theme has the seek bar above control buttons. And when you touch the bar, it widens for you. My ideas about skinning are far more radical than that. For example, my dream skin would have no control buttons. Play/pause would be accomplish'd by tapping the song art. Jumping to the next or previous song (or the one after or before that) would be accomplished by taping the desired song in a section of the main UI screen where the current playlist queue would be display'd, and it would be scrollable by swiping up or down. Oh, and if you swipe left or right on the art area, it would toggle through a frequency spectrum analyzer, lyrics, artist bio, track and chart info, etc. and eventually, it would cycle back to art. Here's a quick sketch:
  7. Congrats titanic_fanatic, I see you have several skins available at the Play store. Nice! If you're still deciding whether to write a skinning tutorial, please be adviced that you have at least one student ready to dig into it. Max has been gratious enough to give us skinning information and forum threads, mostly in English, but it looks like Geek to me. A tutorial would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.
  8. People who appreciate gapless playback are not all that rare, I would think. The feature is present, but it's not able to give truely gapless playback, not on my device with my MP3s. See my report on this, here: https://googledrive.com/host/0BywTBh0QvABcQXY2R3pYUGk2cm8
  9. Me too. Those are things I would think most users want to "set and forget" about. Thanks for at least making them disappear sometimes. And thanks for the muchly appreciated skinning forum area. One day soon I hope to begin developing my own Poweramp skin similar to the 'List & Art' skin I developed half a decade ago for Pocket Player on WinMo:
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