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issues with Poweramp reading file information

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when i go to look for a certain album under a certain artist in my library it doesn't show up. it shows up under "Unknown Artist". i mounted my phone's SD card and looked at the properties of the album and it says the correct artist in the information. i opened the properties for another album under the same artist (one that does show up correctly in my library), and properties for the album that shows up as "Unknown Artist." in the properties they both have the same info except for Album name because they are different albums, but the artist names are the same. i even deleted the folder from my phone and transferred it again from my computer but it didn't fix the problem. Oh and also when i go into the Album that shows up as "Unknown Artist" and go into edit tags for one of the songs the artist is blank. which i don't understand because when i mounted my sd card and looked at the properties the artist value was correct. the only way i found that fixed my issue was going into the album under "Unknown Artist" and went into the Edit tags in the settings and had to manually input the artist for each song. this was a big pain because the album has 35 tracks. and this is the case for 2 albums under that same artist. i'm not sure if this is considered a bug but i can't see what i'm doing wrong. i've rescanned my folders several times and deleted the cache for the app and nothing works except for manually putting the artist name in for each song. it would be nice if i could edit the information of the whole album within Poweramp but i didn't see that option. but i want to know why Poweramp is having an issue with these albums when other albums under the same artist are under the right labeling in the library. any help would be great!!


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