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Cyrillic letters/diacritics in tags

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Sony Xperia Z1

Poweramp 2.0.9 Build 539

Android 4.3


I can't make the app process both Cyrillic and special symbols of Latin alphabet at the same time. If I choose the encoding option 'Russian (Win-1251)', here's what I get with Latin diacritic signs:





If I set it to pretty much any European/Western/Eastern encoding, the Latin special symbols are displayed correctly, but here's what I get with Cyrillic letters:




It would be bearable if, as you see, the album wouldn't split in 2 which makes the album pretty much unplayable as an album. Is there a possible way to fix this issue? Thanks.

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Really sad to see no solution to this, I love the player with its interface and sound tweaks and all but I have to switch to Neutron now because it simply can't handle different languages simultaneously.

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