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Where are song ratings stored?


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I have been using Poweramp (paid) for quite awhile and love it.  Only one issue which has bugged me over the years - every once in a great while, all of my song ratings will completely be erased.  The last time it happened was actually my own doing due to a ROM upgrade (to Cyanogenmod 10.2), so I accept that as my own fault, but the song ratings have definitely disappeared at least 3 times in the past without me doing anything major.  It has been very frustrating to say the least.  So my question is - what file(s) contain the song rating info?  I would like this info to know what to backup just in case this happens again.



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Why dont you use Titanium Backup on Poweramp? That will backup everything in a quite small size.


I actually did this - backed up using Titanium Backup (and yes my phone is rooted).  Restored Poweramp settings after all my song ratings were mysteriously removed once, and the song ratings were not restored.  I can try it again next time, but for now I have lost my faith in Titanium Backup (and Poweramp as well) as far as backing up.  I will try it again just to be 100% sure though.

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Poweramp maintains all its media information in /data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/databases/folders.db

You will not be able to navigate to this folder using a file explorer unless your device is rooted.

If you are interested in the database content:

If your phone is rooted then it is possible to take a copy and move it to your pc. Using a sqlbrowser (just search for sqlite browser) you can explore the structure.

Ratings is simply a field with a number 1 to 5 in it. quadrant5 probably backed up a database where the fields had been reset.


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