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  1. Thanks Andre. It is the latest forum version, I'll report it. Funnily, the 'Poweramp has stopped working' comes up twice every time I bootup. I suspect it has got something to do with the widget, as the widget is unresponsive (and blank) until I start Poweramp from the Poweramp icon.
  2. It is not just skins that are incompatible. Everytime at bootup, I get 'Poweramp has stopped working'
  3. You can assign Equalizer profiles to headphones and speakers. Adjust the pre-amp to adjust your volume. Assign only one profile to headphone and one to speaker, so the profiles auto swap when in plug in/out headphones.
  4. Why dont you use Titanium Backup on Poweramp? That will backup everything in a quite small size.
  5. Cowan Z2 has Android 2.3.5 right? Maybe that is the problem. Make sure the Poweramp app and also the unlocker are capable of operating at that version
  6. It would be a great option to have. A big step towards personalisation. Just dont completely remove it, I'm sure it has been the deciding factor for many for purchasing Poweramp.
  7. Yes I would love that too
  8. Hi, The current Poweramp options for lyrics are quite difficult to use. From tags - Now I have 1687 songs, it is impossible to add lyrics to every single song manually. MusixMatch plugin - Leaves my beautiful Poweramp albumart. Why not have Poweramp to search for lyrics based on title and artist in the tags and automatically put the lyrics in the tags and then float the lyrics above the album art? Sounds quite easy to implement. Thanks.
  9. I dont see why this option is even required. If its a 1-4 star song then why would you have it on your phone? I dont even bother rating any of my songs and just delete them if i dont enjoy them anymore.
  10. The only relevant thing I came across is a .pamp file but it is too small, only 57 KB. So that isnt where all my album art is stored for my 1600 songs! I have 'View Hidden Files' tuned on but still dont see anything. So where is it??? Thanks
  11. Yes I would love it too. 'Unknown Album' is very annoying. Makes me feel like I downloaded a free song when I have purchased the song!
  12. Hi, I am sending my phone to manufacturer for reformatting it. I am also changing my memory card(which currently has all the songs) and switching to a different memory card. How can I backup all the album art for all these songs? Also, is there any way to backup Poweramp cache? Thanks
  13. Can we have a little option to reset playcount please? I'm pretty sure many people would like to use it. Thanks.
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