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Add Exit Button

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Hi Poweramp,

I want to req. feature, please add "Exit" button on Poweramp. This button will be very usefull to completely close Poweramp. Because on my mobile after pressing "Back" button twice, Poweramp won't completely close.

Thanks in advance. :)


ps: sorry for my bad English.  :D

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There should be no need to "completely close" it, Android deals with non-active apps silently in the background as and when it needs to. You could always force it via the current apps list if you're worried though.




Hi andre, thanks for reply.

You're right, but it consume to much energy on Android that has a small capacity bateray or little RAM.




i use this app on my car GPS system

problem is 2 EQ or volume setting conflick and make no sound on music video player so

i hope it has exit botton next update


Agree. :)

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You can close it the same way you close stock player (pause and back button or home).

Poweramp service doesn't do any job if it's paused. No scan or anything. Scan takes few seconds when new card is mounted.
Poweramp service asks android to stop itself in 5 seconds of idle.
Poweramp has a stop button (long press the pause/play does that), though that has nothing to do with the process or background running
and it's not necessary to press this if you just want to exit Poweramp.

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