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  1. Ok bro. Btw, if the unlocker on play store gets update, will unlocker on website also gets update?
  2. Would you upgrade the look of UI? android for now reaches 5.0 , and would be nice if you also tweak UI to material design and support for android 5.0. Thanks in advance.
  3. So is this imposible to request pre-registered Poweramp?
  4. Hi, Could you make pre-registered Poweramp for buyers? So no need a key, just use preregistered and then validate it via internet. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I have bought a license from web (paypal), not play store. Could I use it for Poweramp play store version? because i cant use my credit card to buy a license from play store. Thanks in advance.
  6. IMHO... I dont Like floating lyric because use memory too much. I like one folder contain lyrics and Poweramp can set that content for lyric display, not same with mp3 folder.
  7. Hi andre, thanks for reply. You're right, but it consume to much energy on Android that has a small capacity bateray or little RAM. Agree.
  8. Hi Poweramp, I want to req. feature, please add "Exit" button on Poweramp. This button will be very usefull to completely close Poweramp. Because on my mobile after pressing "Back" button twice, Poweramp won't completely close. Thanks in advance. ps: sorry for my bad English.
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