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  1. Hi, I purchased Poweramp from Play Store, and tried to install Poweramp Green theme plug-in. In Poweramp, in settings, there is no option of THEME to select. So, I tried to install from plug-in Poweramp Green Theme, while it is giving error as unable to load the theme. Solution plz.
  2. Maintaining credit card is not easy process, man. Have to pay minimum amount yearly, who will give that money. Do you give ?
  3. Lack of proper support to customers. Indirectly, you are encouraging cracks for people and getting lose your revenue. Actually, now I am using the latest version with crack from 1 year, I am not getting any errors or purchase verification errors. Even I want to use the Poweramp legally, and want to purchase it, but you people are failed to reach all customers make buy the app. That's your fate, I am happy with the crack. BYE..BYE..
  4. Buying from play store from india is only 62.40/- But purchasing directly, it is costing me above 240/- Why you people don't support internet banking or debit card transaction ? Use the technology man...grow up.
  5. I tried to purchase the app via Google Play store, after filling all details and submit, it is giving error messaged as INVALID CREDIT CARD. As there are options to fill of DEBIT or CREDIT CARD, I filled my DEBIT CARD details, but getting error message like this. So, how can I purchase the app ?
  6. sir, I am using Poweramp from years and satisfied. But recently I used viper4android music plug-in. It's just awesome. Generally android users use FX music plug-in in Poweramp. It's just a little improvement in music enjoyment. But after listening with viper4android combination, FX is nothing and no need to talk about it. So, please add the viper4android features in Poweramp. The developers of viper4android are willing and open to join with companies to support their app. If you wish, you please contact them and add the features of viper4android as built-in with Poweramp. Once y
  7. Have anyone tried viper4android app with combination of Poweramp ? No words to say except awesome.... Why Poweramp staff or developers ignoring about this item, when I reminded them about it. If anyone has tried, tell the importance of it to others.. You feel the power of Audio with viper4android app plug-in, that even will not be gotten by Sony
  8. Sir, I think you don't know about this Viper4Android music files. Until I use this, my favorite is Poweramp, no doubt in it. What I want to tell is just once you make aware about this to your developers or concerned app developing director. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223 The music is just awesome. This is from developer (viper520) in XDA Forum. I want you to contact him once and if possible try to implement those viper4android features built in Poweramp, as you can know the source code by the way.
  9. I purchased the Poweramp full version some months back. Recently, the message is showing buy Poweramp. I didn't reset my phone recently.
  10. guys, sorry for asking, what this mean (Album List - Sort by Album Artist) Can you explain in detail ?
  11. +1 to this topic. Rather than third-party softwares to backup settings, the in-built Poweramp backing up everything settings to SD card is great idea.
  12. When the next update will be ? How often Poweramp will release updates ? Is there any timeline to release every month ?
  13. Of course, But we use System sound for different purposes, not only for Poweramp. Then sometimes the sound maybe in high volume. So, please provide Lock Volume option in Poweramp.
  14. I am using LG optimus black phone. Before using Poweramp, I decided to buy Sony Walkman (WT19i) model phone only for music purpose. But somehow couple of days after, I used Poweramp with Skullcandy Ink'd earphones on my LG phone. That's it, I dropped my decision to buy Sony phone. Poweramp is just awesome and no words to say the music enjoyment. Poweramp is a MUSIC BOMB
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