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Poweramp App Instructions - How to do stuff...?


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One more question. Like I said before I just got a new phone. It's got Android 12 and presumably the latest Android Auto. When I plugged my phone into the car it immediately started playing the next track queued up in Poweramp. I can't find a way to turn this off in Poweramp. Android Auto has a "automatically play music switch" which I've turned off. Have you guys see this before?

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5 hours ago, Charliestandsalone said:

I bought the full version. I can't get anything to play. It just says it doesn't see anything.

You have to grant permission for Poweramp to access your music storage location (the local folder where you keep you audio files) before you'll see anything in the Library. This is an Android requirement. Assuming you are using a recent device (e.g. Android 13 phone) follow the instructions given in:


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