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  1. One more question. Like I said before I just got a new phone. It's got Android 12 and presumably the latest Android Auto. When I plugged my phone into the car it immediately started playing the next track queued up in Poweramp. I can't find a way to turn this off in Poweramp. Android Auto has a "automatically play music switch" which I've turned off. Have you guys see this before?
  2. Andre, I guess the problem is that I don't want a power app so much as something that just works. I've been using PlayerPro for years but I just got a new phone and while setting it up I finally decided to get another music player because PlayerPro stops playing at the end of an album instead of jumping to the next one and that is a problem when I'm on my motorcycle and don't want to stop to select new music. So I figured it's a good time to find an app that suits me better. As I said before I'm finding parts of the Poweramp interface non-intuitive. I have set up all my music files in a hierarchy of directories (they've been like that for years) and I generally will select a track in some album, let the album play out and then move onto what ever album is next. So for example if I want to listen to a bunch of Pink Floyd I select a track at the beginning of one of their albums and since all my Pink Floyd is in the same directory I'm good to go. What's bugging me right now is the whole "select" thing. Evidently it selecting some albums or tracks will create a queue and store and/or play it depending on which button I chose. But I don't seem to be able to select a few tracks from one album and then more from another one. When I do a swipe to go up a level so that I can drop down into another album everything I've selected disappears. And the truth is I may not want to create a queue which I will have to delete later. Ultimately though it comes down to documentation. Before I retired five years ago I was a pro software developer since the mid 80s. I get a little religious sometimes about ease of use. My wife was a tech writer for decades too. So when I had questions I went out to find some docs that would give me some answers so that I don't have to bug people and ask them the same questions that others no doubt have asked many times before. I couldn't find any real documentation. On YouTube there's some amateurs who try to do intros to the app but for every one of those it seems like there's five videos explaining how to get around having to pay for the app after the free period expires. So I've spent an hour or two looking for what I ought to be able to just chase down in a couple minutes, read it and understand it. That's my bitch. No doubt if I keep tinkering with the app I'll get a handle on it. But I shouldn't need to. Anyhow, thanks for the reply.
  3. The interface is non-intuitive and there's no manual. I can't believe it. Evidently it's a good app if you can figure out how it works.
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