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  1. Moving to a new device. Where do I find my album artwork in my current device on the newest release?
  2. Solved this one on my unit. Go to misc in settings and uncheck any settings in Android auto. Once done, mine showed as expected again.
  3. Looks like 819-820,maybe 818 broke my head unit info over Bluetooth. Prior to: Song - boys and girls Artist - Blur Album - Parklife Current: Song - boys and girls Artist - Blur - Parklife Album - 4:38 m4a
  4. Not sure if possible, but anyway to access a specific playlist via assistant? Thanks so much for the hard work! Assistant is saving my fingers in the car with a high temp of 2f today and lower highs for the next week or so.
  5. Unsure if previously mentioned but 816 widget shows different song than currently playing over Bluetooth. Can't consistently reproduce be but usually two tracks behind last stop. Occurred three times in past week as far as I noticed.
  6. @maxmpI'm having an issue with Google Assistant and V3 that wasn't present in V2. If I say 'Ok Google, play Radiohead in Poweramp' Poweramp starts up and plays immediately (this is how V2 responded). If I say 'Ok google, play music in Poweramp' Poweramp will open and will not start playing. In V2, Poweramp would start playing music from the last place Poweramp was used (I.E. if all music is shuffled, it would continue playing the next song). Running on a Pixel 3, Android Pie. For cold weather climates, this is a lifesaver in the car. With a family, I don't want my music coming up the second we connect to bluetooth so the voice command was a great way to get music when I wanted, and avoid when not wanted without having to get the gloves off, dig the phone out of the coat and hit play with it's 5 F. Any way we can get this functionality back or is it there and I'm just overlooking a setting?
  7. Wondering if anyone is experiencing this with v3: Google Assistant formerly would open and play music with command to do so. Now Poweramp will open but won't play until I physically hit the play button. Curious if I am overlooking something or if others have noticed. Max - Once again, thank you for your awesome app and hard work.
  8. Hi Max, Thank you so much for developing Poweramp. Thank you for the hard work and countless hours upon hours you have put into this and continue to do so. Thank you.
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