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Compiling widgets

Da Iceman

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Hi, I downloaded the widget pack and tried to compile the provided example just like the skins with ant dist.


But i ended up getting an error about classname="com.android.ant.SetupTask" not being found, so I opened up build.xml and switched the code out and replaced it with: <taskdef resource="anttasks.properties" classpathref="android.antlibs" />


It seemed to start working until it says this: 

stylesheet Poweramp Skin/Widgets/version.xsl doesn't exist.


I tried looking around for version.xsl in the widget pack for it but didn't find it anywhere.


Anyways I aw wondering if I am just doing it completely wrong or what I should be actually doing to be able to compile the widget example. The normal skin example compiled pretty easily, seen as nothing was actually missing.


Anyways hope someone knows what to do.


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There was an update to widget pack recently, it seems that build.xml wasn't updated to the latest ADT. Thanks for the catch. I will update it asap.


Anyway, widget pack should much simpler to compile comparing to skin (you can do it from eclipse, ideaj, or ant, we use ant only for final builds internally).



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