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Cant add music from USB


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I have a Joying Android 10 Auto unit. The default music player reads the USB just fine. I installed Poweramp, it sees the USB but when I click enable, I get these messages. Also re-scans dont work. This is a brand new unit. Thanks!



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If you are using Legacy Access mode, you can enable access at the root of the USB device. If you are not though, it's best to grant access to just the folder that you keep your music in:

Also, check that the device has the required Files management system tool present:


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I installed Google Files and enable permissions is denied on the drive. The odd thing is the default music app scans and grabs all my music off the car USB just fine, but I want to use Poweramp. Tried legacy and the same error message appears. Is something in the android auto head unit blocking this from other apps? Again, strange the default music player grabs and scans just fine.

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On 8/11/2022 at 3:21 AM, Nate said:

Figured it out. I did have to do legacy, then adding folders to the "Hint" layout worked. For some reason doing it in the settings wouldn't work. Anyhow, working, thanks!

How did you solve the issue what is "Hint" layout?

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