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A request for a more literal "Folder" view


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Hi all,


First, many thanks for making Poweramp. It is by far the most sophisticated music app I've found for my Galaxy S III, and I love it.


To explain my request, let me tell you about how I use Poweramp. I am a DJ and a music writer, and I frequently sort through and create many folders of music on my personal computer. If I am working on an upcoming music mix, I have to decide which of many potential mp3s to use for different sections of a long mix that might last an hour or more. I might also have multiple mixes I'm working on at the same time. Here is an example of how my music folders would look on my PC for two different mixes I'm working on:


[House mix]  (this is the top folder)

[songs for beginning of mix] [middle of mix] [end of mix] [samples to include] (these are subfolders)


[Techno mix] (this is the top folder, in the same directory as the House mix)

[songs for beginning of mix] [middle of mix] [end of mix] [samples to include] (these are subfolders)


As a music writer, I use different folders to keep track of the different eras of music I am reviewing. Here is an example of a few basic folders I put music in:


[2012 albums] (top folder)

[Album 1] [Album 2] [Album 3]


[2013] (top folder)

[Album 1] [Album 2] [Album 3]


[Music from the 1970s] (top folder)

[Album 1] [Album 2] [Album 3]


The problem is that when I look at my Poweramp library in "Folder" view, all of the music above appears in the same long list. I would prefer a Poweramp view that lets me move from general folders to subfolders and sub-sub-folders so I can find the music I currently want to hear. Since I use my own unique directory structure to organize my folders of music on my PC, it would be very useful to be able to page through these folders the same way on Poweramp.


I understand that tagging often help you sort through music like this, but there are many cases in which mp3s are not tagged properly. On top of that, sometimes my own categories of folders don't correspond with conventional tags.


So, to summarize, currently Poweramp in "Folder" view sorts all of my music into the same directory, despite how I have organized it:





In the example above, I see that the directory is displayed ("/Music/[Main]"), but all of my music is still lumped into one long list.


I would be much easier for me to be able to drill down into the different folders I have created and only see the music in those folders, as with this example:





Please let me know if I have made sense. Thank you!!



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