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Can't find menu option on folder view section.


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Hi there, I'm new here. I know there is this thing called "hierarchy view" as I've read about it. So I know you have to set it from Folder View -> Menu -> List. My problem is I all I can find on the folder view section is a list of my music folders and a search filter on top; no "three dots" or "menu" word whatsoever.

I know this might sound silly, but if someone could please describe me how to access the menu from folder view section I'll be really thankful and I'll buy the product.


Screenshot (28 jun.png

Edit: I've tried the app on a different phone and it did show the three dots. I think this can be a bug. If it helps, I'm using the lastest version of Poweamp v2 that's available on Play Store with an updated BQ Aquaris E5s phone (Android 6.0.1.) without any ROM.

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