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  1. Than maxmp! Was disabled for some reason. Great software! Thank you very much Fer
  2. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked before, is there any way to navigate though the folder structure in hierachical manner in the v3 version? I can only see all folders in one long list. thanks. Fer
  3. After many hours of use I miss an indicator that shows the track number, for example like 4/11
  4. A few suggestions to improve player screen design: 1) Track title and album, which are in black boxes, could be place where the 4 buttons are (random, repeat, ...), and this buttons placed over album art, and because their format, these buttons could have transparence background so album art is better showed. 2) Now, the time and play/pause buttom is placed vertically centered in graph. I feel it hiddens must of the graph is for. Maybe down centered could be best. 3) This time and play/pause buttom, could be used also to show in a graphical manner the time has passed. Using the
  5. That is not part of the list. Of course that is playing now, but I can not identify which of the three last in the list is which is playing, all are identical... Titles are long enought that they are cut....
  6. Hi, May I suggest an improvement? Could you implement a way to highlight the current track in play in the current album list? There are times where I can not recognize which is playing. Look at the screenshot: Also a question: future beta will be released in this thread or a new one? Thanks.
  7. I have a folder with a ripped CD (flac and cue) that is not recognized even if I Rescan library....
  8. I think the text in black boxes are a bit unpleasant. They dont allow to see full art image, hidden most of them. As a suggestion, I think a bit of transparency of the the black box would be nice, or even a smaller font making the box smaller. Also I like to add a feature suggestion, been able to traverse the folders in hierarchical mode. Nice update. I think Poweramp continue been the best. Congratulation Max. Regards
  9. Hi, I am not very audiophile.... I understand what the equalizer is for, but I don't fully understand tone and limiter. Tone boost bass and treble? Are EQ and tone been used together or shouldn't? And limiter? Thanks
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