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Poweramp Crowdin Translation Project


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Hi Maxmp,

String "Look and Feel"

In settings we have "Look and Feel". This string is translated in french by "Apparence" in crowdin (and it's correct).

But I use french language and string is translated by "Démarrage et interface" which is string "Startup and UI" in crowdin. Strange ?

String "Audio"

In settings, we have "Audio". But this string doesn't exist in crowdin, we have "Audio engine" (display nowhere).

So we need to translate "Audio" or "Audio engine" ?

String "Audio focus"

In settings, we have "Audio focus". But this string doesn't exist in crowdin, we have "Audio focus/Call settings" (display nowhere).

So we need to translate "Audio focus" or "Audio focus/Call settings" ?

Note that if it's "Audio focus/Call settings", string is used for settings item and for settings separator (fake screenshot).

But "Call settings" should be for "Pause in call" and "Resume after call" but there is no separator and "Audio focus" should be for "Short audio focus change" and "Permanent audio focus change".

So we need to have strings "Audio focus/Call settings" (item), "Audio focus" (separator) and "Call settings" (separator).


Thanks a lot

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I have a little request. In the latest version 2.0.9 I don't see my name - Dimitar Dimitrov in the Translations screen at the Bulgarian credits.

Here is a screenshot.

I am little disappointed, because I have done at least 80% of the translation.

Can you please add it?

Thank you in advance.

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I translate and review all french strings since many month.

When new release out, I tought translation will be updated. But nothing!

Please we want to check translation in app!

Imagine user see bad translation in app, go to crowdin, search bad strings, translate it without looking that good translation is in crowdin since many month.

Then another user do the same thing... etc... So strings can have many translations for nothing and we need to check everytime if all strings are really translated in crowdin.

And imagine my frustration, I bought app, I spent hours to understand features, find where strings are display... to translate in good french (not google auto translation like many strings). And nothing...

PLEASE update translation. in next release 527 !!

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I will happily help you with Irish or Welsh Language Translation for my Favorite.


Can you give me 5 Lifetime Updatable Licenses for my good work for your company.




Abhi Avi


Yup. Sent to your inbox in advance. Thank you for your dedication.

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