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  1. And I request a Like or Thanks function on the forum so I can like this guy's posts. And tell my friends to do the same. 2licenses4life
  2. Nooo please don't tell him where to start his spam again please. I was hoping he'd shut it because the past two weeks he's been silent. Isn't it funny enough how he went from 5 to only one?
  3. No one said translations are worthless. All we're saying is that asking for licenses for crowdsourced translations is a bit ... Yet you continue with your demand.
  4. Seriously now, we need a like feature on this forum.
  5. It's not Hindi making me laugh and make fun of, it's you. And I was sincere as you asked me. As was my previous post. And why am I laughing and making fun? Because you are asking for licenses. It's that simple.
  6. Noooo, please don't suggest that. He's done it. A lot.. I still think he should address the Internet Police. Or Internet Spider-Man. Or maybe the Internet Batman, the night himself! PS: https://crowdin.com/project/titanium-backup/discussions/2443 EDIT: Okay, I think he deserves a bit more information. Or at least how I see things. Crowdin is, as Timmy Fox said, a "crowdsourced translation project". This means anyone can help translate. I am from Romania. Let's say I open an app's settings and see that Romanian is not included as a language. I look it up on the internet and see it has a crowdin page and start translating. Now, if an app doesn't have a language on crowdin or that particular language is incomplete it means it's not targeted towards that region, or the region is doing fine using the default language. Why? Because amongst the people no one considered it to be mandatory to have that language. Going back to the crowdsourced mumbo jumbo. Anyone means anyone. Anyone means if it's important someone will do it for free while you ask for something that really is not included in the whole picture. This goes for Poweramp, MXPlayer and even Titanium Backup.
  7. Bravo! Congratulations. Five hundred licenses for another app that has nothing to do with Poweramp go to you for that statement!
  8. Yup. Sent to your inbox in advance. Thank you for your dedication.
  9. Yeah, I agree. I feel like the forum and app are slowly dying.. Please don't let this happen.
  10. Just noticed that Romanian was completed and Just needs voting. COngrats and thank you *proceeds to vote*
  11. Also, I think a useful feature would be a "Refresh license" button that refreshes the license cache, or verifies it. For example, it now tells me I have to buy it, even if I just reinstalled the license. EDIT: never mind, it works now :-j
  12. I was wondering, could you make the notifications stay compressed if I compress them? They change back to fully expanded when the song changes. CM10.1/Android 4.2.1 on Samsung Galaxy 5.
  13. Oh no no, it's just some things sound bad translated. Will give it a try when I'll have the time though..
  14. This is SO frustrating. I just can't translate some things. Or if I do they sound like hell...
  15. Hmn I was thinking. I've seend quite a few people having license issues, and as far as I know, the license creates a 4-week cache. Wouldn't it be cool to have a menu option "Refresh license"?
  16. There aren't any teams to join. You just go to that link and start writin'
  17. Thank you. Will do as much and as often as I can Edit: I have but one request: that you let me test first, proofread, and tell me where all those translated texts appear because Romanian has genders and stuff English doesn't have and it's easy to mess it up if you don't really know the context
  18. I second that because of the Beats mod available for some devices with custom ROM
  19. Does your android phone have any other languages in settings? Because that's how localizations work.
  20. And the truth is somewhere in the middle. I really don't mind if Max adds Google Music support as long as the app continues to work properly on older phones too. It already has a small lag sometimes on my Galaxy 5 and on Galaxy Spica it's almost impossible to use.. But there's always the old 1.4 version
  21. Indeed, it's not. Not as popular as English at least. But if anyone requests it, I really don't see why we shouldn't do it
  22. That's something I'd also like to see implemented!
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