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  1. I can't believe it. And only one hour ago. Max, regardless of what everyone's saying, thank you!
  2. oreo does have a small number of users... https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
  3. toxicity never made much sense and it is caused by frustration. frustration cause the currently functional app... (insert reason here)
  4. Let's suppose he does say something. Pretty sure it's going to be something like: it's not done yet, it will be available when it is fully finished. "Fully finished" is such an ambiguous term really. I am also curious about the new app, believe me, but at the same time I realise the app we currently have is working perfectly. Kind of a "If it ain't broken don't fix it" type of situation.
  5. While I was very happy to see this thread initially, I'm starting to think it was a mistake. I know what a development cycle means and the type of problems a dev (especially a single man) can face and I do not blame max in the slightest. Now, I think this thread (or actually giving ETAs was a bad idea) is because some people tend to react in a bad way. There's a reason why CMs first rule is "Don't ask for ETAs", it applies to any kind of development stuff. Another good piece of wisdom that comes to mind is "I prefer a late but good product, rather than a rushed and poorly executed
  6. I'm starting to ask myself why are people asking for a 3.0 version really. I mean, the app is more or less perfect as it is. It receives periodic maintenance updates. If it works don't fix it! Tried Gramophone the past few days. While it's still in beta, it is indeed a decent alternative. But, I missed Poweramp!
  7. Yes, I think it is totally worth it. The difference between paying and using the 15 days trial version is... well... using it for more than 15 days.
  8. what? no. only 15 days. that's it. seriously, what's wrong with you people?
  9. And I request a Like or Thanks function on the forum so I can like this guy's posts. And tell my friends to do the same. 2licenses4life
  10. Nooo please don't tell him where to start his spam again please. I was hoping he'd shut it because the past two weeks he's been silent. Isn't it funny enough how he went from 5 to only one?
  11. No one said translations are worthless. All we're saying is that asking for licenses for crowdsourced translations is a bit ... Yet you continue with your demand.
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