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can i use winamp to send music to Poweramp?


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Not sure what you're asking. Are you trying to copy MP3 music files from your PC to your phone to play in Poweramp?

If so, a USB cable is by far the simplest way to do it (just drag and drop the files). Otherwise you'd need to install Samba (which I use) or a wi-fi enabled FTP client or somesuch. Or work out a cloud-based solution I guess. But nowehere near as easy or fast as a USB cable.


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Winamp has wireless universal plug and play.... wireless syncing.

You have to install winamp on the pc and andriod. Then just make sure Poweramp is including the folder and it will work fine.

I found it sucked because it couldnt handle special characters in the filename or id3 tags. And it was slow.

Even though i hate itunes, i had to get itunes and use notpod.com to sync via usb. It still sucks but it's the only solution instead of winamp or other andriod apps which cost money. I wouldnt trust those apps, even with music.

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