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  1. tried that since that's how doubletwist does it. i go into playlist>my gym playlist> but whether i tap or hold, the same thing happens. i get options coming up like enqeue,play add to playlist etc. no option in there to move.
  2. i tried that and the playlists were moved over but of course the songs were in a different location. i assume it's due to the sgs2s sd card being linked to (root>external_sd>) and in the note 2 both storage devices appear as 2 separate spaces. the playlists were therefore empty all fixed now via winamp sync and then importing into Poweramp. p.s am i missing something or is there really no way to move a song up in the playlist order on the phone itself?
  3. i moved to a new phone and it's a mare. it's a total PITA using Poweramp to do anything with playlists - won't even let me move 1 song up 1 place in the list. i have to use winamp to setup the new playlists on the new phone, then import them info Poweramp but i made a single mistake in the song order and can't fix it in Poweramp or winamp so have to delete the playlists and reimport again in the right order. there has to be an easier way than this!
  4. not sure how to do it bar connecting a usb cable which i'd rather not do
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