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  1. Yes you're the only one. My guess is some other app or audio enhancer in the rom is doing it. Can you try with stock music player
  2. Winamp has wireless universal plug and play.... wireless syncing. You have to install winamp on the pc and andriod. Then just make sure Poweramp is including the folder and it will work fine. I found it sucked because it couldnt handle special characters in the filename or id3 tags. And it was slow. Even though i hate itunes, i had to get itunes and use notpod.com to sync via usb. It still sucks but it's the only solution instead of winamp or other andriod apps which cost money. I wouldnt trust those apps, even with music.
  3. Just slide ur finger to the left on the stars.
  4. I paid because i use it everyday and the price was ok. It might be the only app I've paid for. But now: It's been 3 months since the last beta and some bugs are prevalent. I don't anticipate them being fixed in the next release either. The dev has probably made a ton of money and hasn't hired extra help. Other music players have caught up and _passed_ Poweramp. Ratings on files...
  5. The hackers who go to mobilism and get the cracked version are never bothered! What a nice deal. Why punish us? They will always distribute popular software, doesn't matter if u have activation or not. Don't believe me? People are installing full versions of Windows 8 for a month already and a multi billion dollar software company can't stop them. Good luck to you! BTW A better method is to disable server side features such as album art or automatic updates, thus not affecting legit users who have no internet and teasing the hackers. All multiplayer video games have done this for the last 20 years and it works very well. People end up paying for the connected features.
  6. I have a similar issue since I got ICS. It is 'remembering' the old volume level but not using it until i change volume. For example, at work i set volume to 50%. Later I plug in my headphones it will play at 100%. If I press down once it will go to 50% then lower.
  7. Definitely a basic feature and its disappointing to be missing it.
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