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Poweramp 2.0.6-build-508 full

Samsuyng Galaxy I-9100

Android 4.1.1

Hello Poweramp,

About 4 weeks ago I was in search of a better music player because the standard one on my Samsung Galaxy I9100 was not good enough.

I visited some website and read some reviews and most of them said Poweramp is the best one handsdown. I've downloaded the trail version,

installed it and used it for 2 weeks. After my trail experience I decided that this is the best music app currently on the market, so I decided that I wanted to purchase it.

Unfortunately, Android play store does only supports the creditcard, yes it's true, in the 21th century the Android play store doesn't have Paypal/iDeal/Automatic incasso or other usefull payment options,

which are superior to the creditcard. So that forced me to search someone who does have one, which took me about 2 weeks. ( I live in the Netherlands btw) /End rant.

After I finally could buy the amazing app Poweramp(unlocker) I then stumbled onto my next problem; I could not reinstall Poweramp;


It's in Dutch so let me translate it:(from top to bottom)




No space available

Poweramp can not be installed. Free up some

space and try again

[Cancel] [Manage apps]


So I was confused, looking at my apps manager and seeing that I only used 280ish Mb on my internal memory; 1,7 Gigs left.


So storage space isn't an issue at all. So I decided to look it up on the internet and found only a few threads about this problem and only 2 persons claimed to have a solution,

The first one;


Does not work for me at all, still the same problem.

The second one;


Does not post a solution! !@#$

I'm a System Manager and a Bachelor of Science in Bussiness IT, so don't come up with excuses that this issue belongs to Android/Google.

Because I tried reinstalling it a few times, deleted old files from the previous installation and have tried installing other applications and those would work just fine.

So maybe someone knows a solution, or else I have to reinstall my phone again.

Thanks in advance,


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insufficient storage error happens when there are remains from other Poweramp installation, probably, hacked version. Pirated version of Poweramp contains

extra files which Android installer can't delete. Thus, you need to delete such remains (probably in /data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer and in dalvik cache).

The other alternative is a full factory reset

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Hi I've been having the same problem. I have a purchased unlocker app from Play Store (I can email you the receipt for proof). I tried deleting the entire folder in data and deleting cache and dalvik, did a factory reset and even installed a new ROM but to no avail...I'm out of options now....maybe its because I've been flashing new ROMs everynow and then and redownloaded the app a couple of times now from the same phone...any help I can get would be appreciated...

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