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Playlists and volume rocker

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I have purchased Poweramp, the first time I have encountered a media player that costs money and is actually worth the outlay. I am extremely impressed with the application, and being able to set things just right for my headphones is just brilliant.

Howevere, I am finding myself with a perennial problem that the forum doesn't appear to have answered. I can't be the only person who uses their phone to create playlists right?

What I am trying to do is move a playlist I created in app to my PC (Windows 7, for use with Windows Media Player 12).

I have used the export feature which has created a .m3u8 file. My googling reveals that this should be supported by WMP and iTunes et al. Only thing is, it doesn't appear to work. I have moved the directories my music is stored in to the Music library on my PC, but neither WMP, iTunes, WinAmp and the venerable Foobar2000 all seem to want nothing to do with this file.

I can only presume that I am missing some key thing and look to this forum for assistance with this, so please help me if you can! :-)

My second issue, and completely different is the phone behaviour when using the volume rocker. Each time I use it, it powers the screen on, albeit to the lock, but when this is in your pocket you end up accidentally hitting the forward and back buttons as well as start and pause. Is there an option I've failed to check. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 UK on Orange UK. I have updated it to ICS from Gingerbread, but the phone is not rooted. How can I prevent using the rocker from turning on the screen, as I usually use it in my pocket.

Thank you for your replies in advance.


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Problem 2) That's not us... that's the new ICS feature done by Samsung. So we really can't control that. It happens to my phone too, but there's no way I can turn it off either.

Problem 1) I personally have no experiance with Playlist to computer (I don't go the other way around) but if it doesn't work... try converting it!: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/m3u8-file.htm

Thanks for the love!

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