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Forget album art settings

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I feel like I am losing my mind here.

I added an album with individual album covers for each song to Poweramp, everything worked without a problem, but I realised there was a mistake with one song‘s cover, which I tried to fix by changing that specific song‘s cover. To my surprise, all songs in the album now use this Cover, which I did not expect. But that was an error on my part, no problem.
It‘s just that I cannot manage to revert this setting. I made Poweramp delete all the files from storage, removed the folder from its library, manually deleted all the files, did rescans between every step and still, every time the album loads into the library, all Songs have the same album cover, which is the one it ‚remembered‘ from before deleting it. The files themselves still have their individual cover art, playing the same songs on another music player works fine with the album covers.

Is there any way to just reset all the songs to using their embedded album art?

Thanks for your help!

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It is by design that when you change an Album Cover in Poweramp, it is applied for all the songs in that album (which will override any embedded images). Same thing will happen if you change it again.

The new image is cached as a JPEG file in a folder called selected_aa, and you can delete the image manually if you want. Pre Android 14 you can do it using any decent file explorer app on the phone, but from 14 onward Google has further locked down access to the Android/data/ locations where the images are cached, so you might need to plug the phone into a computer with a USB cable and open a window to it on the computer.


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