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  1. I'll add my voice to this request. Please?
  2. I came here to ask for this. iTunes and the iPod (classic at least) used to do this. (They still might. I don't use them anymore.) I could do silly things like make a separate playlist for each side of the White Album (for that "have to turn the record over" experience) and put them in a subfolder without having to clutter up my main level playlist directory. It also let me break up a big collection by playlist, but keep all of the tracks in a single album. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, that wasn't meant to be the usual "Hey! Why are you posting this here?" Just agreement. I'll give it a shot with the latest.
  4. There's another thread where a couple people reported shuffle issues. I think this was one. My favorite it that I can't shuffle albums in a genre anymore. Is there a way to roll back to a previous version to see if / when a feature used to work?
  5. Perhaps I'm misremembering but I'm pretty sure at one point I was able to go into genres, pick an album, and when that album was over (if I was in shuffle catergories and advance list is on) it would advance to another random album in that genre. What it is currently doing is at the end of the album it will advance to another random album, not necessarily in the same genre. Same behavior if I press Next Category rather than letting the album finish. If I go into Artists (for example) then it will play all of that artist's songs in song title order then advance to a different artist and play of that artist's songs in order. So the behavior between Artist and Album is different. (If you go into Songs the Next Category is disabled.) The behavior between Album and Genre is now identical (since it disregards Genre when shuffling). To recap: In Genres -> Album Shuffle: Shuffle Categories Repeat: Advance List Actual behavior: When album advances then play continues to another random album in any genre and will play that album in order in its entirety. Expected behavior (I think): When album advances then play continues to another random album in the same genre and will play that album in order in its entirety. Thanks!
  6. I'm on build 808 and Shuffle Categories will still shuffle across all genres even when I'm in a specific genre. It used to behave the way I expected: If I'm in a genre and I tell it shuffle categories then when I advanced to the next album it would restrict the albums to within the genre. If this has been reported elsewhere I'd appreciate a link. Thanks!
  7. Seconded! Getting used to it but so far so good.
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