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Sound temporarily decreases when adjusting volume with hardware button


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Hello everyone. I'm experiencing an issue where the sound shortly decreases when I change the volume using the hardware volume button. I suspect that I may have unintentionally toggled a checkbox in the settings, but I can't seem to locate it. Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Could you elaborate a bit? What Output method are you using, and what output device (phone speaker, cabled headset, Bluetooth, etc)?

Bluetooth can sometimes do something like you describe, when PA is testing for the device's current Absolute Volume status. If that is what you are experiencing, try turning off that feature in PA Settings=>Audio=>Direct Volume Control. 


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@Iamman this may happen in DVC mode if phone delays volume intents. So you change volume - system changes volume - the volume event delayed - Poweramp receives volume event and changes volume. So you can hear this delay. The delay obviously shouldn't happen.

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