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Bottom/mini player Gesture

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@Indra Markam thanks for the request, but Poweramp UI architecture follows some logic, which this kind of transition will break.

The songs shown on player screen (with transport buttons << > >> and big cover) are "physically" the same objects which are in the target played list (folder, playlist, etc.). This is clearly visible when you transition from that screen to a list and back.


Internally the player screen and lists data sources are different, but the current track item is actually "handed" over from one data "source" to another. It's the same PowerList component which handles main screen tracks and any other category lists, and it's able to do this kind of manipulation.

So, transitioning from mini player will be illogical as we never transitioned to the miniplayer at first place. It's possible to change UI transitions to do that, but there should be a good cause for this as it's a lot of effort to gain what, exactly?

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