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Little strange behavior when used as external player


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I am not sure if this is really a bug but since the behavior is really strange/unexpected I felt this topic fits in here best.

I tested Poweramp now for a week on my Galaxy S2 and upgraded now to the full version, great job, there are some features I don't want to miss anymore :-)

There is just one thing that is a little strange and I would like to know, if there is a fix for it or a workaround:

I use BeyondPod to manage my podcasts and I subscribed quite a lot of them. The problem is that since it is recommended to let Poweramp respond exclusively to commands from the headset remote I can't control BeyondPod when listening to a podcast, when I press the button on the remote it won't pause the podcast in BeyondPod but it will start playing Poweramp.

A nice fix for that is a function in BeyondPods settings where you can define to play podcasts in an external player and I set it up to open audio podcasts in Poweramp.

This works great except for one thing: When I stop listening to the podcast by for example disconnecting my headset and later reconnect it, Poweramp won't continue playing the podcasts but the last audio file I opened in it directly. This is a little annoying since then I have to open the podcast again from BeyondPod and scroll manually to the point where I stopped listening to it.

Is there a way to also let Poweramp automatically go on playing files that where opened by it used as an external player?

I know that I could add the podcasts to the Poweramp library and start them from there directly but them all those podcasts will appear in my music library and I don't want them to appear there mixed up with my music.

Poweramp: 2.0.5-build-483 Full Version

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2

Android version: 2.3.7

Custom rom: MIUI-2.2.10

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Please ensure you have Headset Priority in Poweramp headset settings unchecked.

In Android (starting from 2.3), the last app which played something or the active (visible) app should get the headset button presses. Actually, this depends on how well app developer implemented support for this API in the app. For example, Poweramp will interact with other app which fully supports this API, like stock media player, nicely - start Poweramp and Poweramp responds to headset, start Music, and Music responds to headset.

Still, some apps use pre-2.3 API for headset. In this case, the app with the most "priority" gets headset events, always. Poweramp activates this mode with Headset Priority option.

In this case dynamic way of headset button assignment by Android is not possible.


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