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  1. Found the problem Long Press while screen on -> I select Poweramp and set it to always But it does not save this setting The next time I long press while the screen is on, it asks me again which app I want to use No matter how often I set it to Poweramp and "always" I have to repeat the process The Google app and Poweramp are the only options I can choose Any Ideas?
  2. Yes previous playstore version This just happens while the screen is off If I long press with the screen on, the track changes as intended
  3. It's not the volume key control It's my headset button Single press pause/play works, but skipping does not work anymore
  4. Dear member, Newest update, build 826 from Google Play broke my screen off Headset long press to skip function. I am using Poweramp on my note 8 running OneUI Build DSC6 with April security patch. Yes, I did select Poweramp instead of Google Assistant, yet nothing happens. The version before worked just fine Kind regards
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