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Poweramp not playing through bluetooth if last played through Android Auto?


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Hi all -

Poweramp build-976-bundle-play

Pixel 7 Pro on Android 14 QPR2       


In the last few weeks, some strange behavior...

1. Play music in car through Android Auto

2. Leave car, put in earbuds (bluetooth)

3. Plays through earbuds just fine, but when the screen times out, the music stops.


I've tried changing battery usage to "unrestricted". Bluetooth "last processed commands" looks like this:

19:00:02.060 PlayerService on OnRoutingChanged newDevice=speaker oldDevice=bt

19:00:02.060 PlayerService reloadPipeline allowPlaying=false force forceResume=false state after reload=2

19:04:04.694 BTReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 WF_1000XM5

19:05:12.102 AppScannerSupport PAUSE pause_on_headset USB disconnection/AA


So even though I left my car behind 5 minutes ago, it's still thinks it's connected to something over USB. Note if I do the same thing in another player (like Podcast Republic) - things work fine - I can start audio over bluetooth, the screen times out, and audio continues playing.


Note this issue persists until I reboot. "Starting and stopping bluetooth" won't help. After rebooting, all works fine.


Any ideas? (This may be an Android Auto issue, but tough to tell!) Thank you!


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@Eckless does the line "19:05:12.102 AppScannerSupport PAUSE pause_on_headset USB disconnection/AA" corresponds to that screen off/pause event? 

If so, this is headset disconnection event which Poweramp has to obey and pause. You can verify by temporarily disabling "Pause On Headset Disconnect". I'll try to reproduce this on 14QPR2 as well.

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@Eckless For some reason your system is generating extra spurious Bluetooth Device Disconnected messages long after the BT device has been turned off. By default, when PA hears a disconnect message, it pauses - and it can't tell the difference between a genuine message and a spurious one. No idea why it's happening in this specific set of circumstances though. 


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