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Top rated playlist is suddenly gone.

Corey Harrold
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Was just listening to Poweramp then the music stopped, I looked in the library and there was no music at all! I then restarted Poweramp and the music is back, the meta data I edited is even still there. 

But my top rated songs are all gone and none of them are thumbed up anymore. Had a very nice list, is there anyway to restore it? 

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Poweramp uses a local database to store its whole music Library, including locally-created Playlists, Ratings, etc. Play Counts and 'Date Added' are also stored in the database. If for whatever reason that database ever becomes broken or corrupted then the whole Library will need to be rescanned from storage from scratch, and all that related information will be lost. Only information contained within the physical audio files (such as tag data and embedded artwork) or other file-based content such as M3U/PLS playlists, or LRC lyric files, will be re-loaded. 

It's too late for you now (a case locking the stable door after the horse has bolted, I'm afraid) but Poweramp does have the ability to make backup copies of all that information via Settings=>Export Settings/Data. That's worth doing on a regular basis just in case of catastrophic issues like this one occur again after an app or system crash.


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As I see in that backup (zip file) there is a sqlite database with song ratings where the paths of the sonfs are stored too. As I want to upgrade current SD card to a larger one:

Do I need just to swap a new card with the copy of old card music and reimport the settings? Will it update the paths for the rated songs (new card will have a different random 8 hex digit path prefix) or do I need to tweak that sqlite db manually to the new paths before importing the setitngs/ratings?



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