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  1. @andrewilley @maxmp Ah understood, will make sure to do a backup regularly. Thanks for the detailed reply!
  2. @maxmp interesting 🤔 sucks all the playlist are gone I wonder what could have caused this? I've had random close outs of power amp before but not like this. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Was just listening to Poweramp then the music stopped, I looked in the library and there was no music at all! I then restarted Poweramp and the music is back, the meta data I edited is even still there. But my top rated songs are all gone and none of them are thumbed up anymore. Had a very nice list, is there anyway to restore it?
  4. Now this is interesting I'm not having this issue YET with another media player I was using (Cloud Player) had this exact same issue which caused me to uninstall because it's completely useless. Devs don't seem to really care to fit it either. How power amp is working for me on android 13 after a fresh install and not for you other's having problems is beyond me I'm using a Pixel 6 btw.
  5. Cloud Support is needed and would make this the best media player on the android market. It's been 3 years since adding chrome cast? I think it's about time we get the next major feature in Cloud support. Google Drive, Drop Box, ect.
  6. Google Drive support PLEASE my music library is toooo big for all internal storage 😰
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