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Does any Poweramp user currently have their album art transfer over Bluetooth to a car display?

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This is not a discussion about Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

I have been using Poweramp for a decade or so now. I know during that decade of use that Poweramp did transfer album covers over Bluetooth. I know a lot has changed since then, and currently I cannot get album art to appear on my car display over Bluetooth. I have tried the different AVRCP and the  Settings->Misc "Send Album Art for old API" options.

I do see a new option under Settings->Album Art "API Compatibility". I will try this one out. But I am just wondering if anyone has it working and if we can help track this down and get it working again. Especially curious because I'm on Android 14.

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It's never worked for me, I always treated it as one of those device compatibility issues. I get artwork via Chromecast and via Android Auto, but not plain Bluetooth to my car headunit.


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On 7/14/2023 at 1:09 PM, sorosch said:

I would also be very happy if that would work - a lot/tried everything - unfortunately it doesn't work for me either.

I am driving a rental car right now and with a more modern bluetooth-enabled screen I am quite surprised at what apps send information to the screen and which ones do not. I believe it's not a difficult feature to enable, maybe esoteric. Twitch sends a display image over! It's gotta be tied to what the Media Notification display image is. Poweramp already has a display image for the Media Notification.

I want to raise some awareness for this so by the time I get another car with a screen like this it's working. I'll help any way I can.

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