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  1. My preferred Widget is the old style one, 4x1, with the entire album art in the background. The new update breaks this, giving you either the 4x1 with a square album art on the left or in the center. I can't get an option (through resizing) that gives me the 4x1 with the entire album art in the background again. I had it just before this recent update. Don't want to sound complaining! I am so happy Poweramp is being updated again and I truly love the app!!
  2. I am on the beta release channel. I am fine with how Poweramp looks but I did like my old skin and I would like to see new skins, but all the skins are so old I don't know if they have anyone supporting them anymore. Are there new skins out there for v3 yet?
  3. Basic request to have an option Heads Up Notifications for new songs. Other, more modern music players have this option. Poweramp missed the whole Heads Up Notification development era due to its rewrite. It would be a nice feature to have.
  4. Okay, didn't have much room in the subject, so... When a new song plays, and Poweramp is playing in the background, does it notify you of the new song? Just a thing in the Notification Area (not a permanent notification either.) Does it do that? When you are using Poweramp, do the player controls appear in the notification drop down too, in the active area? I am using DoubleTwist now, and while it's done nothing wrong, it is very slow, has no equalizer, and the playlist feature sucks.
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