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  1. +1. This would be great! - (and also support for Google assistance)
  2. Thank you very much. The options were on - so i deactivated all scanner-options - rebooted the Phone - switched the options on - and now it works automatically. Thanky very much Kind regards George
  3. Hello, i have the newest Poweramp v3 Build 816 installed on Android. When i copy new MP3s to the music-folder with USB and i cut the cable, the library isn´t "renewed" automatically. I can´t find an option to renew the library automatically. V2 worked perfect. Is this a bug? Thank you very much Kind regards George
  4. Hi nannyy, do you also have the Samsung S5? If yes - which version? Lollipop or 4.4.2? Thank you
  5. Hi, ok - i buy you a BMW - but only a small one:) Or better and easier: Come to Munich - go direct to BMW and simply re-programm the terrible BMW-software - and earn a lot of money as a BMW ingenieur:) I reported the "bug" direct in Poweramp. So i hope, that in a future release of Poweramp, the bug will be fixed... Thank you very much Best regards George
  6. Hi, could you replicate the problem? Have you tried it? Perhabs - are you working on this problem? Thank you very much Best regards George
  7. Hi Andre, thank you for the help. The option "Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Respond" was already set. I tried also the other setting - and also the options "Android lock screen" and "Poweramp lock screen" . No chance - the scrolling through the MP3s doesn´t work. This is really frustrating. Of course - it could be that this is a problem of the BMW car radio/software - with an MP3 USB stick this works and scrolling through the MP3s is really a nice feature. Do you have perhabs another idea? Does this works with other smartphones? Perhabs could you try this with a BMW car radio? Thank you Best regards George
  8. Hello, i have problems with bluetooth connection with my car radio. I have a Samsung S5 and a BMW with the newest Software from BMW. I tried it with Lollipop and with Android 4.4.2. 1) Samsung S5 with Andoid Lollipop: I connect with the S5 via bluetooth with my car radio. The music is played. But i have the problem that i can´t scroll with the steering wheel buttons through the MP3s - only next/previous works. The next problem is, that when i reconnect via bluetooth (start the car again) - the S5 connects BUT no sound is played - i see on the S5 and also on the BMW display, that the MP3s is played - but theres no sound on the car speakers. When i switch several times in the BMW-menu to e.g. radio and back to Media and so on - sound is played on the car speakers! With the standard music app on the S5 Lollipop - called "Music" (i think this app is from Samsung?) everything works fine - sound is played and also scrolling works fine. 2) Samsung S5 with Android 4.4.2 I called the BMW Hotline and also the BMW service station: They said, that the S5 works fine with the "standard music player" - so this must be a problem with the other music app (here: Poweramp). So i installed Android 4.4.2. With Android 4.4.2 i have no problem with sound after reconnect. When i reconnect sound is played!! One problem is solved! But the scrolling through the MP3s is still not working. And when i make the compromise to switch to Android 4.4.2, then also scrolling through MP3s (with the steering wheel buttons) should works. And again - this works also with the standard music app on the S5 called "Music"! The standard "Music" app works perfect with Android 4.4.2 AND with Lollipop! So i belief, that BMW is right - the S5 should works..... But the standard "Music" app is really poor - useless - i can´t use it. I tried it several days but - once Poweramp - forever powermp. Do you (or someone else) know the problem? Is there perhabs a solution for the problems? I know, the problem is not easy to reprocude for you. Perhabs the "modified" firmware from Samsung blocks anything? Do you have any experiences with this? Please could you help me? Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much Best regards George
  9. Hello, i installed the build 579. And what should i say: IT WORKS!!!! I have the Samsung S5 - Lollipop - all updates - no root. This is fixed for me! It works again on my S5. Please be careful with any changes in future releases. Thank you very much. Great work of the Poweramp programmers! If i should test anything in the future or you have any questions why it works on my S5 and you thin i can help you - simply contact me. Many thanks Best regards George
  10. Hi, i have the same problem. Here is my post: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7697-when-i-disconnect-bluetooth-it-resets-the-audio-im-listening-to/
  11. Hi, i tried the latest build 578. And this works: I start my car and after some seconds Poweramp starts playing music automatically connected by bluetooth. --> One "bug" is fixed - Thank you very much. BUT: This this problem i still have: When I turn off my bluetooth it resets the audio i am listening to back to the start and i lose my place. The MP3 is always played from the beginning of the MP3. --> This happens, when Bluetooth disconnects from my Samsung S5 Lollipop. I see this in the "time-line" of Poweramp. After disconnected from Bluetooth the timeline is on position 0 minutes. It doesn´t remember the last position from the MP3-File. Please fix this bug also. Thank you very much. Regards George
  12. i have the same problem. When my Galaxy S5 (Lollipop - no root - everything is original) disconnects from my car radio over bluetooth, the the mp3 resets to the beginning of the mp3. So it doesn´t resume playing when i connect to my car radio over bluetooth. But sometimes (i think every about 1 of 10 times) this doesn´t happens. So everything works fine. Resume playing works over Bluetooth! This is really an annoying Bug.Everytime i want to listen music i must klick the Poweramp-Play-Button - and using the smartphone while driving is prohibited by the police:( I bought Poweramp some time ago because it was the best Android-Player. But at the moment I'm using a different player (PlayerPro) - PlayerPro has no problems with resume playing over bluetooth - but the handling is not so good for me as with Poweramp @to the Poweramp-Programmers: Did you tried it? Could you adjust this problem? Perhabs - are you working on it? Please fix this bug. Thank you very much Best regards George
  13. Hello, i tried the app "Player Pro" and everything works fine with bluetooth. So i think this is a problem with Poweramp. I start my car and after some seconds "Player Pro" starts playing music automatically connected by bluetooth. I think this is no problem of Lollypop. Poweramp must change anything to work correct with Lollypop. Please fix this bug! Have you tried it with the Samsung S5? Thank you very much. Best regards George
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