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Poweramp hi res output failed


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I am using a Realme X7 max(GT Neo1 globally) phone which has supported Hi Res audio. After successful installation of android 13 via OEM update I faced an issue Failed Hi- Res Output. And I can't use the hi res audio in Poweramp. Please give me solution to this problem. I am ATTM the valid screenshot.


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-22 at 17.27.50.jpg

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Realme forum posts suggest it might not have worked before? There's barely any back and forth, there, however.

It does include a 3.5mm jack, so lacking hi res would be curious.

Might be worth checking into your device's audio policy, too.

Are there any OS settings for Dolby Atmos DSP stuff that got changed around by your device's update?

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@Amy_2856 OEMs may break things as they wish in their firmwares, obviously Poweramp can't support broken things like that in advance. You may have better and faster results by reporting on appropriate OEM forums (at least Xiaomi fixes issues like that quite quickly). Hi-Res output in Poweramp works on Androids 5 to 14(beta) - on non-broken firmwares, but not all combination of options/sample rates/formats may work.

You can switch to other outputs which may support hi-res sample rates/formats - AAudio, or even AudioTrack may support that for the specific outputs, such as Bluetooth.


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