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Is this layout possible? (Landscape mode / Car Android player)


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Hi all, I am trying out Poweramp on my car Android player, so it is permanently in Landscape mode, 1280 x 720.

Before I make a decision to buy it, may I know if there is a way to get the player layout (in Landscape) such that the album art and seekbar + buttons are on the left half and the track listing of the folder opened is on the right half? Or anything close to it?

If this is only available if a skin is applied, does anyone know which specific skin(s) would have this layout?

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Unfortunately there is no facility in Poweramp for a dual pane landscape layout with the player info on one side of the screen and the category/songs list on the other. That sort of layout would need to be included as part of the core app code, skins can only adjust the look and feel of the elements on the existing screens.


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