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System-wide EQ for Android


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Yesterday I started using Poweramp and I'm blown away by it. Up to now my standard for excelent audio quality was an iRiver T10 player with Sony JR20 headphones (these headphones being one of those products you find now and then that are really cheap but still excellent compared to much more expensive stuff). And even a $400 Sony walkman (yes, they exist) couldn't get to that sound quality.

But somebody recommended me Poweramp because of the EQ, and I can't believe how superb it is. It makes those little Sony headphones sound like ten times the price, and even better, my Panasonic HTF600 headphones sound better with my Droid 3 and Poweramp than connected to my Pioneer receiver. They sound so perfect that I cannot imagine anything would sound better than that.

While Poweramp is a brilliant product not only because of the EQ and tone controls, but also because of the beautiful interface, and I certainly wouldn't add anything to it, it would be amazing if the programmers could launch a new product that would provide the same EQ and tone controls but at the system level. The reason I and many others need this is that the Spotify player doesn't have any EQ and it sounds horribly flat. The difference between listening to a song in this phone through Spotify or through Poweramp is day and night.

And I think that because of the huge convenience of Spotify, it's something that it's here to stay. I mean, you can hardly beat having at your disposal 16 million songs for $10 a month. I never bought songs on iTunes or Amazon or subscribed to any of those services, but this one is great and it's going to have the same success that Netflix streaming has for video. But even if eventually they put an EQ to it, I doubt it will sound as good as Poweramp. The Poweramp people really know about audio. If we could have that as a system-wide EQ it would be a piece of heaven.

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I am using LG optimus black phone.

Before using Poweramp, I decided to buy Sony Walkman (WT19i) model phone only for music purpose.

But somehow couple of days after, I used Poweramp with Skullcandy Ink'd earphones on my LG phone.

That's it, I dropped my decision to buy Sony phone.


Poweramp is just awesome and no words to say the music enjoyment.

Poweramp is a MUSIC BOMB

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