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  1. Thanks Magadaner. I was wondering, is there any chance that when the phone is using Bluetooth, it needs a faster microSD card? Because it seems to me like these pauses are caused by the program "choking", and not being able to send as much data as it needs. What makes me think this is that when there are only a few albums in the card it doesn't skip, or barely skips. However, as I add more albums into the card, it skips more and more. Every now and then I format the microSD card from the phone and then transfer a few albums. When I do that, the new albums don't skip. This is only while usi
  2. Yes, I did that last week and thought it might work, it was on Auto and I set it to +750ms, but tracks that are copied using File Explorer still have the pause. For example, I recorded an album from the vinyl record using Adobe Audition, to a 44.1 KHz 16 bit WAV. Then I also saved it as a 320 kbps MP3. I copied both to the phone's SD card (last week I had tried the internal memory with the same result). The WAV version plays absolutely perfect, while the MP3 version has the pause every few seconds. It's the weirdest thing.
  3. I recently learned to appreciate Poweramp much more than before because not only it has an amazing sound quality with headphones, but recently I got a 2014 Ford Focus and the Bluetooth streaming turns the crappy factory stereo into at least a mid level Pioneer stereo. Of course this is with the help of a new set of Pioneer speakers to replace the factory ones that are terrible. But every time I show people the difference between the sound of the base factory stereo and the change when I enable the EQ and Tone controls in Poweramp, their jaws drop and their eyes go out of their sockets like in
  4. I love Poweramp for two things, the excellent EQ and tone controls that turns even a cheap phone into a music player with the best sound I've ever heard out of a portable music player, and not as important, but really cool and dark interface. But the library scanning and format support needs a lot of work. Even after doing a full rescan, it just doesn't display all the songs I copied to the microSD card. The auto scan never works, a manual scan is always necessary, and many times it still doesn't recognize all the folders with music in them. It also doesn't recognize iTunes Plus encoded file
  5. Now, I don't suppose that Poweramp in the future will somehow show the artist and song on the display as it does when connecting through USB and playing files through the car stereo, right? It seems to me that it's not a feature my car would allow because when I select Bluetooth, it says "Bluetooth streaming" and nothing else.
  6. Hello, I just got a Ford Focus which has a good looking but poor sounding stereo, as most factory stereos are. The only way to make it sound better is by connecting my phone by Bluetooth and using Poweramp, which is an excellent player, especially because of the tone and EQ controls. But I hate fiddling with the phone while I'm driving, so I was wondering if Poweramp supports choosing the album and track over Bluetooth or not. With the car stereo, if I choose USB instead of Bluetooth, I can use the arrow and OK buttons to select albums and tracks, but when I use Poweramp I can only do two th
  7. Yesterday I started using Poweramp and I'm blown away by it. Up to now my standard for excelent audio quality was an iRiver T10 player with Sony JR20 headphones (these headphones being one of those products you find now and then that are really cheap but still excellent compared to much more expensive stuff). And even a $400 Sony walkman (yes, they exist) couldn't get to that sound quality. But somebody recommended me Poweramp because of the EQ, and I can't believe how superb it is. It makes those little Sony headphones sound like ten times the price, and even better, my Panasonic HTF600 headp
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