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  1. Thanks Magadaner. I was wondering, is there any chance that when the phone is using Bluetooth, it needs a faster microSD card? Because it seems to me like these pauses are caused by the program "choking", and not being able to send as much data as it needs. What makes me think this is that when there are only a few albums in the card it doesn't skip, or barely skips. However, as I add more albums into the card, it skips more and more. Every now and then I format the microSD card from the phone and then transfer a few albums. When I do that, the new albums don't skip. This is only while using Bluetooth, when using headphones it never skips at all. I have Audio Buffer Size to 750ms and Audio Thread Priority to highest. My phone has barely any apps that didn't come with it, I'm not the typical guy in love with his phone like most people are nowadays, so I don't think there are a lot of background processes. The Developer Options in the system settings have an option to limit the amount of background processes, and you can set it to anywhere from 1 to 4, but unfortunately it doesn't stick, it seems that when you reboot the phone it goes back to "standard limit". But I would like to know if while using Bluetooth the phone needs a faster card, because in that case I would buy a fast card and that's it. But I don't want to waste money if that won't fix anything.
  2. Yes, I did that last week and thought it might work, it was on Auto and I set it to +750ms, but tracks that are copied using File Explorer still have the pause. For example, I recorded an album from the vinyl record using Adobe Audition, to a 44.1 KHz 16 bit WAV. Then I also saved it as a 320 kbps MP3. I copied both to the phone's SD card (last week I had tried the internal memory with the same result). The WAV version plays absolutely perfect, while the MP3 version has the pause every few seconds. It's the weirdest thing.
  3. I recently learned to appreciate Poweramp much more than before because not only it has an amazing sound quality with headphones, but recently I got a 2014 Ford Focus and the Bluetooth streaming turns the crappy factory stereo into at least a mid level Pioneer stereo. Of course this is with the help of a new set of Pioneer speakers to replace the factory ones that are terrible. But every time I show people the difference between the sound of the base factory stereo and the change when I enable the EQ and Tone controls in Poweramp, their jaws drop and their eyes go out of their sockets like in a cartoon. But I have this really weird problem. My phone is an LG L39C, which is a cheap Android phone made for Tracfone, however, I have the same exact problem with my older Motorola Droid 3, which is much better quality, not to mention faster. Here's the problem on either phone: I copy files to the phone in Windows Explorer (or File Explorer as it is called in Windows 8.1). When I play them in the car connected by Bluetooth, every few seconds there is a short pause. This can happen with all sorts of compressed audio files, MP3, iTunes M4A, WMA, etc. As long as I copy them with File Explorer, it happens. It's random, it can happen every five seconds, or every twenty. This only happens when played with Poweramp, however it never happens when played with the phone's own music player. I think I also tried the Google Music player and it didn't have this problem either, all while connected through Bluetooth. The only way to get audio files to play without these skips is to transfer them using Windows Media Player. Here is the problem: WMP recompresses all the files into WMAs. But then they play without a hitch. However, this is obviously not the optimal method, since I will listen to a recompressed file made from an already compressed file. What's even weirder is that you might think WMA is the format that will always work, but no. I tried saving vinyl rips from Audition into WMA at two different bitrates, 192 and 256, and when copied with File Explorer, they have the short pauses as well. And here's the weirdest of them all: you might think that perhaps the phone is slow and it can't keep up with even 256 kbps audio files, but to test that I copied (also with File Explorer) a few vinyl rips at 16 bit 44.1 KHz, meaning they are uncompressed at 1411 kbps. Well, those played from Poweramp without a hitch. Four entire albums, not a single pause. So to recap: - Compressed files such as MP3, M4A and WMV, copied with File Explorer, phone connected by Bluetooth, produce short pauses - These files play without a hitch using the phone's own music player, or Google Music player. - Music transferred using Windows Media Player plays without a hitch but WMP recompresses it before transferring. - Uncompressed WAV at 16bit 44.1 KHz plays without a hitch. I played with as many settings in Poweramp as I could think of. High priority, Bluetooth settings, everything, but it still happens. The Droid 3 does the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks, Sebastian
  4. I love Poweramp for two things, the excellent EQ and tone controls that turns even a cheap phone into a music player with the best sound I've ever heard out of a portable music player, and not as important, but really cool and dark interface. But the library scanning and format support needs a lot of work. Even after doing a full rescan, it just doesn't display all the songs I copied to the microSD card. The auto scan never works, a manual scan is always necessary, and many times it still doesn't recognize all the folders with music in them. It also doesn't recognize iTunes Plus encoded files. The basic player that comes with Android OS and the Amazon Music Player both recognize files added right away, no rescan necessary, and they both play iTunes Plus encoded files. iTunes Plus are still m4a files at 256 kbps, they don't have DRM, it's still an AAC file, at 256 kbps. I did this test, I ripped Philip Bailey's "Chinese Wall" selecting the encoder as AAC and 256 kbps. Then I ripped Queen's "Innuendo" selecting iTunes Plus as the encoder. Then I copied both to the Music folder in the phone's microSD card. "Chinese Wall" played, "Innuendo" doesn't even show after doing a full rescan several times. Both of them show up right away on the basic player and the Amazon player, and other files I bought at the iTunes store also play in the other players, but don't even show up in Poweramp. So why doesn't Poweramp recognize iTunes Plus? Is it really that hard to implement? My problem is that I just got a car that I don't want to replace the stereo for, because it would be too expensive and complicated, but the factory stereo sounds very mediocre at best, and streaming music from Poweramp through Bluetooth with the EQ and tone controls gives a huge improvement to the sound quality, while if I use the other players, they don't have any type of EQ. So I need Poweramp, but I also want to be able to access my library of songs and albums purchased on iTunes, and preferably a way to also transfer iTunes playlists to Poweramp. Thanks, Sebastian
  5. Now, I don't suppose that Poweramp in the future will somehow show the artist and song on the display as it does when connecting through USB and playing files through the car stereo, right? It seems to me that it's not a feature my car would allow because when I select Bluetooth, it says "Bluetooth streaming" and nothing else.
  6. Hello, I just got a Ford Focus which has a good looking but poor sounding stereo, as most factory stereos are. The only way to make it sound better is by connecting my phone by Bluetooth and using Poweramp, which is an excellent player, especially because of the tone and EQ controls. But I hate fiddling with the phone while I'm driving, so I was wondering if Poweramp supports choosing the album and track over Bluetooth or not. With the car stereo, if I choose USB instead of Bluetooth, I can use the arrow and OK buttons to select albums and tracks, but when I use Poweramp I can only do two things, pause and play by turning the stereo off or on. So because Poweramp has these great sound controls that improve a lot the sound quality on this factory stereo, I'm going to use Poweramp exclusively, but it would be great if there was a way to also control the albums and tracks without having to grab the phone. Thanks
  7. Yesterday I started using Poweramp and I'm blown away by it. Up to now my standard for excelent audio quality was an iRiver T10 player with Sony JR20 headphones (these headphones being one of those products you find now and then that are really cheap but still excellent compared to much more expensive stuff). And even a $400 Sony walkman (yes, they exist) couldn't get to that sound quality. But somebody recommended me Poweramp because of the EQ, and I can't believe how superb it is. It makes those little Sony headphones sound like ten times the price, and even better, my Panasonic HTF600 headphones sound better with my Droid 3 and Poweramp than connected to my Pioneer receiver. They sound so perfect that I cannot imagine anything would sound better than that. While Poweramp is a brilliant product not only because of the EQ and tone controls, but also because of the beautiful interface, and I certainly wouldn't add anything to it, it would be amazing if the programmers could launch a new product that would provide the same EQ and tone controls but at the system level. The reason I and many others need this is that the Spotify player doesn't have any EQ and it sounds horribly flat. The difference between listening to a song in this phone through Spotify or through Poweramp is day and night. And I think that because of the huge convenience of Spotify, it's something that it's here to stay. I mean, you can hardly beat having at your disposal 16 million songs for $10 a month. I never bought songs on iTunes or Amazon or subscribed to any of those services, but this one is great and it's going to have the same success that Netflix streaming has for video. But even if eventually they put an EQ to it, I doubt it will sound as good as Poweramp. The Poweramp people really know about audio. If we could have that as a system-wide EQ it would be a piece of heaven.
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