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Plays all my music? Please help someone...


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I just paid $5 for this app, and it is better than all music apps I have tried so far. I absolutely love it.

However, I have considered getting my money back a few times. The reason being, if I go to "All Songs", it goes to EVERYTHING. They should rename all songs "ALL SOUND FILES ON YOUR PHONE".

It's has every sound file in "All Songs", every single sound file from the game on my phone, ringtones, every single sound, it has it in there. After listening to a song, it will play like 4 random sound effects..

Anyone know how to fix this? I am considering getting my money back, I do not want to leave a bat rating on the APP, especially if there is a fix to it, but it not, I think it would be gtood to let people know before they spend $5.

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I am running the Trial version and only "music" folder I can choose is mnt/sdcard. I would like to choose more specific folders inside the sdcard so that not all the data audio files appear as songs.

Can I choose more specific folders with the full version?

Iirc, I could choose more specific folders with earlier trial versions.

Edit: Nvm, it is a tree system so I just had to press mnt/sdcard to do more specific choosing.

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