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  1. Finding an Android music player that has the same support as LMS has always been my goal... it just made perfect sense for how I want to access my music library. But mostly I stopped using LMS once I stopped using squeezeboxes.
  2. And this is why I long ago gave up on the genre/artist/album hierarchy and just switched to browsing by folder. If I can't go from say: Classical -> Beethoven, Ludwig van -> Symphony 7, then it just doesn't work for me. Funny, the Logitech/SlimDevices music server handled it fine almost 20 years ago.
  3. I assume with this change there still won't be a way to navigate (browse) from: genre -> artist -> album It seems like everyone thinks you should browse "genre"s by going directly from: genre -> album, but if you have many hundreds or thousands of albums, it's just not practical. That was part of my original request in this thread so long ago.
  4. I currently have albums on my phone with MP3 "genre" tag set as "Classical;Horn", "Classical;Viola" and "Classical;WWQuintet". When looking in the PowerMP Library, these show under both the genre "Classical" and the genres "Viola", "Horn" or "WWQuintet". The embedded tag (eg. "Classical;Horn") is *not* shown as a genre. This part works well for me. The part that doesn't work is that I'd like to browse from genre -> artist -> album (eg. "Classical" -> "Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus" -> "Requiem, K626 - Hogwood"), but once you choose genre, you can only only choose albums.
  5. Just as a followup... it appears to already support "multiple genre" tags (separated with ";"), just not multiple artists.
  6. Being able to set a tag separation character similar to squeezecenter would be wonderful. My library has a number of "sub-genres" (eg. "Classical;Chamber") that would be best indexed as multiple genres. Most music players can't handle that or multiple artists well.
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