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Hi... got different problems withe the playlist:

1. In my playlist (13000 songs) i can see the songs ... but all old songs which i added over 99% ... just viewed with the name of the mp3 name fir example 01- elvis-hound dog.mp3... no cover & tags :( ... when i click on play next ... nothing happens... the songs i added the last 2 days ... it shows with the cover tags and the next functiom works. When i added a song which is still in the playlist... it will be added with cover & tag again... but in my setting is not allowed to add double songs


2. If i change the tags .. the app hangs up

Brgds michael 

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You (or Android) have probably changed the directory paths of your old files (perhaps renamed a top level folder, or the SD Card name has changed?) and thus the links that were originally scanned and locked in to point to specific locations will no longer function. It is also possible that a folder or folders were for some reason not available for scanning at some recent time when PA did a routine background scan (perhaps if some sync system was running at the same time). Whatever the cause, PA no longer knows how to find these 'moved' song files, so it will display the Playlist using simple placeholders for the missing files. 

If these were internally-created playlists, try going into the Playlists library category and choose 'Resolve/Rescan Playlists' from the three-dots menu.

If that doesn't work, or if these are external file-based playlists (e.g. M3U files) you may need to do a Full Rescan in Settings=>Library to force the M3U playlist files to be re-read from storage and resolved to any new directory layouts. Do not try to change/edit/reorder the contents of such file-based playlists until all the entries are correctly resolved, or you might end up writing these corrupted filename-only entries back to the file.

In either case, PA needs to check each line in every playlist against its music library database, looking for a match with the exact filename and the specific folder name that the file it is contained within. PA only checks one folder deep, as playlists may have been originally created on different devices with different storage layouts.

See also: 


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Ho Andrewilley... i find out that Poweramp will not add zhe external SD card... only the files seperatly ... i add a new SD card ... same error message : i try to translate this from german into english: "Dieser Ordner kann nicht verwendet werden.  Zum Schutz deiner Daten bitte einen anderen Ordner verwenden. " --> "you can not use this File. To protect your data please use another File"






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🤣🤣 but its works over 2 years .... 

As i really understood... Poweramp is so stupid ..  that the playlist will not fond the songs ... when i moved the folders in another folder on the same disc/device😔


Or is there a scan function in Poweramp,  which can rescan all disc/devices on my phone ? 


Brgds Michael 

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2 hours ago, psyltobilly said:

  that the playlist will not fond the songs ... when i moved the folders in another folder on the same disc/device😔

That's like saying you moved house (even if still in the same city) and now you're surprised that no one can find you any more. You'd need to tell everyone your new address first.

Playlists are the same, they contain nothing more than a pointer to the exact 'address' of each file - or in tech terms, the specific directory/folder and filename. If you move or rename anything (folders or files) the link will be broken and the song file will no longer be accessible - it has effectively "moved house". You can tell when this has happened as the song entry within a Playlist will show only as the raw filename, with no artwork, Title, Album, Artist, etc details.

Poweramp does have a way to try to reconcile such user changes though. In the 'Playlists' Library Category, tap (menu)=>Resolve/Rescan Playlists. As long as the filename has not changed (e.g. "Dancing Queen.mp3") nor the first level containing folder (e.g. "Arrival"), Poweramp will rebuild the moved entries without needing the rest of the path to match.

See the section on Playlists in this FAQ: 



As far as storage permissions are concerned, it is recent versions of ANDROID that place the restrictions on granting access to root locations of internal or SD Card storage. It also restricts some system-reserved locations, such as the "Download" folder. Feel free to call Google "Stupid" or "Low Quality" if you want, but it's nothing to do with Poweramp.

If you really really need access to the root level, Poweramp does provide an option in Settings=>Misc=>File Access Legacy Mode, which currently still works even on Android 13. But I would suggest only using it if you really cannot put your subfolders and files into more sensible tidy locations, as there is no guarantee that Google won't finally break that backward-compatible access mode in future.


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5 hours ago, psyltobilly said:

But why it works the last 2 years ?? 

You obviously didn't have Android 13 two years ago. You don't mention what device or OS version you have, or if there have been any updates since you started to use Poweramp as your player. But I am going to suggest that is the reason for the change you see now. Nothing changed in how Poweramp was built but definitely there were changes that Android has made that are causing many people frustration like this.

Simplest solution has already been suggested - create one specific parent folder on your SD card for you music library, and move all of those individual music files and folders you have on the SD card to that new folder. You will have to then tell Poweramp to use that same new folder as your Music library, and then have it re-scan those songs again. Use the "Full Rescan" option for this since all of your music files will have changed. You may have to make some manual edits to the playlist text files as well, but only if these cannot be resolved by Poweramp automatically after you fix the library.

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