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Doesn't play on android 13

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Hi, my name is Javier.
Since my Samsung S20 has been updated to android 13, Poweramp does not play. Skips songs giving error. Before it worked perfectly. I have uninstalled but the error persists.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Is it a documented bug?
Sorry for my bad translation, I write from Spain.
Thank you
build-945-bundle-play [945004-2d535bbf] full version 64b
Samsung Galaxy s20
Android 13
The playback is as I have always done, I select the music folder, scan the entire library and press play.

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Sounds like your update requires you to enable access to your music folder again. Remove all folders from the library. Then add them back and approve the permissions when Android requests.

See here for more info.


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Hello. Thank you for answering so quickly. I have already done that, I have even created a new folder with some songs and when it has asked me I have allowed it and I have left only that folder in the library and I have uninstalled the app again but the result is the same.
Thanks again.

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Long-press on one of the songs in the Library and check Info/Tags to ensure they actually point to real songs. For Android 13,  check that you set and given access permission to a folder, not to the root of your storage.

You could also try using File Access Legacy Mode in Settings=>Misc, but that may not work in recent/future versions of Android.


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I just updated to One UI 5/Android 13 yesterday and am now running into the same issue. The legacy button doesn't appear to be working either, and I tried making sure the permissions and drive were all selected properly again.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program today, and I think it does have to do with some sort of root/folders issue, since I'm unable to import the old settings file into the new installation. It gives me the following error when I try to do that:


.com.Android.externalstorage has no access to content ://media/extenal_primary/file/1000015933

Any ideas on what I can do here? I went to the App permissions and made sure it could read the Music folder, and granted folder access within the app. What exactly is it asking me to do here and how can I grant it within Android 13?

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