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  1. I got a new phone back in January and since then, it always lists the stream urls I first added into Poweramp at the top, instead of the more recent files added on. Any idea why this might be happening? I don't think the sorting options help either. The more recently added url streams don't seem to have this problem either. Just the first two dozen or so.
  2. Huh... Neutron looks a bit like old school Poweramp too!
  3. I now see almost all of the album artwork I previously added. And just added it successfully to the two remaining streams as well. Having some random issues with playback, but I'll see if that subsides over time. Thanks so much!
  4. I just found out I have this problem too. Half of the streams allow me to upload pics, but the others don't. Doesn't seem like file size or format is an issue either.
  5. Like some others did on here, I just reverted back to v820 and the problem seems to have gone away (for now). There were a few random times recently where the battery consumption reached almost 20% per hour, which was more than a bit much for me. I hope it does get fixed soon. And obviously, I'd like to have the most updated version. But until that happens, I'll either have to stick to v820 or consider other options in the meantime.
  6. Could this be Location-services based? I experimented with removing both Mobile Data and Location services, and while that will obviously take a lot of drain off the battery, it doesn't appear to be draining as much or getting warm with the location still off and mobile data back on. That could also explain why my experiences are hit and miss in certain situations... maybe it depends on location services trying to reach whatever or the amount of people around me?
  7. And now I'm at work and the battery drain seems to be back (FYI, wired for this and the previous one). The only difference here is that I'm connected to WiFi and I'm a decent amount of stories above the ground. Could this factor in too? Edit: Just went on a walk with Bluetooth headphones this time. Battery drain was extensive again, unlike the wired pairing a few days ago.
  8. I can confirm this. I just went on a two hour walk and only lost about 4% each hour with me opening up another app before turning the screen off. Even with hitting the "next" button and such during the walk, the battery lost power at its normal pace before the issue came up.
  9. The usual BT connection between the phone and the car (and yes, primarily Poweramp if I"m playing music that way). I occasionally use Android Auto, but I'm unable to play Poweramp tracks through the BT connection if it's on. There might be a USB option there to bypass that somehow, but I never use it with Android Auto.
  10. Glad to help. And no, there is no smartwatch or similar equipment that's used in that respect. The only devices I connect to are my Bluetooth headphones and car stereo. Like I said though, if anything, the wired connection is the one where I notice the most drain. @Malagant Appreciate the heads up. I'm assuming it didn't help much with the battery issue though? The error message isn't too common for me, so I might hold off on changing anything until something's resolved on the battery end. Assuming that's sooner than later.
  11. Ah, gotcha. Always Keep Notification is off. "Colorize Notification" is the only one that is on. Otherwise, the other options are off and the main setting is "Auto." Here is a screencap of when the Galaxy S9+ kills Poweramp midplay as well.
  12. Sure! - Yes. There's usually an icon on the top bar. - I don't believe so. - Not to my knowledge. Most of the tracks I have are 320 mp3 with a handful of WAV ones, but it's rare that I use anything different settings-wise to play the later.
  13. Not at this time, but I'll be sure to get them if these notifications come back!
  14. I've been noticing this issue on my phone in recent weeks too. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Galaxy S9+, Android 8.0, using most current Full version, files on 128GB Micro SD, and I use both bluetooth and wired connections. It doesn't seem to happen every time I use it, but I do notice it happening more when I have a wired headset plugged in. I have never used the Always On Display with my Galaxy, so I know that is not the cause here. I double checked and made sure it was showing up as off this time as well. I noticed some similarities with what NicoleS was experiencing too. Android has often been closing Poweramp on its own due to the power usage. And when I went on a walk this afternoon, the battery went from 95% to 55% in just under two hours, and a new Android notification I never saw before came up saying that Poweramp had "overloaded" the system - then recommended it be turned off.
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