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CROSSFADE needs to be redesigned!

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The Crossfade feature in Poweramp is implemented wrong. Even the word "crossfade" is not correct. It should actually be called "crossplay" 

When DJ's at radio stations crossfade between two songs, they don't actually artificially, or prematurely fade the outgoing song. As the outgoing song is ending, The next song is played before the previous song has ended (on songs without a hard ending).

If the outgoing song has a (hard ending)... Poweramp's crossfading process fades out the song's intentional hard ending prematurely. The same goes for the next song that has a "hard opening". 

An issue that would have to be addressed is that Poweramp would need to analyze a song that has a hard ending and not start to play the next song before the track with the hard ending has completed. (especially with two songs that have a hard ending, and a hard opening)

I wrote about this years ago on this forum. I had hoped there would have been changes by now.

Please consider working on this change to the way the crossfading process works.



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