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Non-visual navigation - true subsitute for hardware keys


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I find Poweramp the only player capable (without glitches or lack of basic functions) of providing navigation without the need to look on the screen - music is for listening, not watching. I'm talking about lockscreen and its swipe navigation. Hovewer it needs polishing - 2 additional features:

1. swipe to move seek bar - inside as song: I would consider adding an option for that and implement it by aplying the same geasture as for swipe-to-move-to-the-next-track but with keeping pressing after swipe. Of course any other clever geasture would suffice

2. option to remove/block other ways of navigation - software buttons on the screen (it's only a source of problems if you don't look on the screen)

PS: of course hardware keys navigation is better but who can provide that.

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