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  1. Adi711

    Build 799 Notification bug

    Using HTC U12+, build 799, when listening through headphones, if a notification comes through through the phone speakers you can hear the notification sound and the song I'm currently listening to. Very annoying everyone I get a text people on the bus hear what I'm listening to.
  2. Adi711

    792: Search delete word button doesnt working

    Hi guys, I'm experiencing the same issue build 793 on HTC U12+, nothing happens when you press the x button.
  3. Hi guys, It would be great if HiRes support was added to HTC 10 Android 8.0 as the option has disappeared after update to new android.
  4. Hi guys, First of all thanks for the best music player on the market at this moment. Simply after the andrioid 7 update on the HTC 10, the option for the Hi-Res output in the settings has disapeared. It is a huge shame, since I only started using it few days ago, after some time because when I used it about a month ago the app would crash after song changes. It started working fine just a little issue with the output latency of about 1300-2000 ms. I really hope that this is one of the things you'll start working on. I hope i can get the Hi-Res back since it's amazing, even in the experimental alpha build. Thanks All users of HTC 10